This Tourist Destination in Indonesia Has Been Forgotten

Tourist destinations in Indonesia, of course, have their own characteristics and beauty in each place. However, do you know? It turns out that there are several tourist objects that are really hype, in their time which has now been forgotten. This is due to the increasing number of new tourist objects that have sprung up, slowly making those tourist objects in Indonesia abandoned.

Kampung Gajah Wonderland
Carrying the concept of a unique amusement park, Kampung Gajah Wonderland was a hit in its time. There are a variety of interesting rides that can be found in this place, such as kart formulas, delman royal, and buggy family. You could say Kampung Gajah Wonderland is a tourist spot that offers the most complete vacation spots for families.

However, in 2017, this theme park located in Bandung was declared bankrupt and abandoned. In fact, some time ago this amusement park went viral after several tourists captured the moment at the place. When you visit this place, you can also find rides that scattered about in a mess. The silence and the creaking of scrap metal and abandoned buildings are the sights that you will find in this place.

Bali Festival Park
In the past, a tourist attraction located on Sanur Beach, Bali was once a prima donna for tourists. In fact, this place was once the biggest festival park in Bali. This tourist attraction, which was built in 1997, consists of game rides, a zoo, an amphitheater, and nature tourism. Unfortunately, this place was closed two years since it opened, due to bankruptcy. This place was then abandoned just like that. Now, only traces of buildings that are not maintained are left. Taman Festival Bali also caught fire in 2012, adding to the horror impression. The walls of the building have been overgrown with shrubs. Now this place is one of the locations for those who want to test their adrenaline. In addition, this place is also hunted by tourists for those who want anti-mainstream photo spots.

Bounty Beach Club Bungalows
Next there is the Bounty Beach Club Bungalows, Lombok. This hotel, which is located in Gili Meno, was once very successful in the early 2000s. However, after the owner’s departure, the hotel, which had been a favorite place for tourists to stay, has become unkempt. Bounty Beach Club Bungalows was finally abandoned like a haunted house. Now only the wooden pillars of the building are collapsed and worn and overgrown with moss. This abandoned building also leaves messy chairs, tables, and a swimming pool.

Surabaya Youth Park
Surabaya Youth Park is one of the most popular destinations in the City of Heroes. The rides are quite complete, ranging from boom-boom cars, haunted houses, to mini coasters. The Surabaya City Government was forced to close the Surabaya Youth Park, because it was deemed it did not meet several development requirements. Finally, this place was just abandoned without any clarity from the management.


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