The Most Beautiful Lake in Indonesia That Must be Visited

Indonesia does have a lot of natural beauty. From mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, to oceans, everything is in Indonesia. Therefore, there are many choices of tourist attractions that can be visited to fill the holiday. One of them is a lake. There are many lakes in Indonesia that offer spectacular panoramas. In addition to the global tourism of Lake Toba, here are the 7 most beautiful lakes in Indonesia:

Kelimutu Lake
Located in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province, this lake is in Mount Kelimutu area. The lake is divided into three areas. Uniquely, each small lake has different and always changing water color. You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery on Lake Kelimutu at sunrise.

Lake Sentani
In eastern Indonesia, there is a piece of paradise located 50 kilometers (km) from Jayapura city, namely Lake Sentani with ??more than 9,000 hectares and is the largest lake in Papua. This area has also been managed as a tourist spot, so that the facilities and entertainment facilities are complete.

Labuan Cermin
Turning to Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, this lake reflects the clarity of the water. The water is clear, so even ships on the surface appear to be floating. In Labuan Cermin, tourists can swim and snorkel to enjoy the underwater beauty.

Segara Anak Lake
If you have ever climbed Mount Rinjani, you may be familiar with this lake. Segara Anak Lake is a view that accompanies climbers from Plawangan Sembalun to the top. Camping on the shores of Segara Anak Lake is also an activity that Rinjani climbers cannot miss. Mount Baru Jari can be seen as a charming backdrop for the Segara Anak Lake.

Lake Bratan
Apart from exotic beaches, Bali also has a beautiful lake, named Lake Bratan in Bedugul area. Its beauty is a favorite destination for tourists. The view on this lake is even more beautiful with the presence of Ulun Danu Temple which stands gracefully on the edge.

Telaga Warna lake
This lake is one of the tourist attractions in Dieng Plateau area which is worth to visit. Apart from enjoying the cool air, you can also see the unique lake view, the water color changes, surrounded by green hills and lush trees.

Situ Patenggang
The view is beautiful, the atmosphere is cool and the location is easy to reach. No wonder this lake is one of the most visited by tourists in West Java. Apart from the view of green trees, this lake is also surrounded by lush tea gardens. If you have time, you can also stop by the unique restaurant in the shape of a ship that seems “stranded” on the shore of the lake.


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