The Paradise of Java: Karimunjawa Islands

Karimunjawa Islands

An archipelago tourist attraction that is included in Karimunjawa National Park area, this place is located in Java Sea and included in Jepara Regency, Central Java. This one consists of land and sea with an area of land of about 1,500 hectares and water around 110,000 hectares. The development of Karimunjawa tourism is very rapid, supported by local government to continue to strive to develop potential of tourism sector, now Karimunjawa tourism is much favored by domestic and foreign tourists. Karimunjawa Islands become a paradise of divers.

Karimunjawa islands also have several nicknames, one of which is Paradise of Java because karimunjawa has beautiful areas. Also bordered by fine white sand beaches. Karimunjawa is one of the charms of marine park tourism in Java. Karimunjawa is home to coral reefs, mangrove forests, coastal forests, and nearly 400 species of marine fauna, including 242 species of ornamental fish. Some of the rare fauna that habitats here are white-breasted sea eagles, hawksbills, and green turtles. Karimunjawa islands is one of the millions of Indonesian tourist attractions that you must visit.

To reach Karimunjawa tourist destination is not difficult, it only takes about 4 to 6 hours from Kartini port in Jepara then boarding a Muria ship by express ship. In addition to using ships, Karimunjawa islands can also be reached by using a small plane at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang, which can be rented to Dewa Daru Airport on Kemujan Island (one of the islands in Karimunjawa). By plane, you can see the beauty of Karimunjawa from above before landing at the airport in Karimunjawa. Travel by plane takes about 30 minutes. It is suitable with the natural beauty offered in Karimunjawa, because it takes a long time to arrive on the island which was nicknamed Karimunjava, The Paradise of Java.

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