The History Of Singo Ulung Dance

Singo Ulung Dance

Singo Ulung dance is a traditional art dance from Bondowoso that annually been performed at Bondowoso’s anniversary. This traditional dance was created by a respected man named Singo. Singo was name of a person who came from Blambangan. He was ran from Blambangan to save himself and stayed in Blimbing village, Klabang district Bondowoso. Singo Ulung and his wife Nyi Moena with Ki Jasiman, were helping and cooperating each other to create a prosperous life of society at Blimbing village. He cared about the rice field and the other people daily needed. Many people were proud about him. Thats why, he was choose to become the first head village of Blimbing village.

One day, he had an idea to create a public traditional dance called Singo Ulung which was played by two people. This dance has accompanied with particular music which makes the audience feel astonished. This art together with Pojian art, Ojung art are always showed at the traditional ceremony namely Bersih Desa Blimbing which is always held every year (the month of Syaban / Ruwah). In the other hand, this art performance can be enjoyed in the annual moment of Hari Jadi Bondowoso precisely at 16 August.

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