The Beauty of Three Colored Lakes, Kelimutu Lake

Lake Kelimutu is a magical lake in Flores, precisely in Ende Regency. The magic is shown by the presence of three lakes with different colors.

So that this lake is also known as the Three-Colored Lake (Read: Danau Tiga Warna), with its uniqueness, Lake Kelimutu was immortalized in the Rp. 5.000,- a few years ago.

The lake, which is located at an altitude of about 1,639 meters above sea level, presents an incredibly beautiful natural panorama, so it’s no wonder that it is always visited by tourists from within and outside the country.

Based on records from the management of Kelimutu National Park, this lake has decreased by about 5 meters, but the beauty of the lake has not changed.

Currently, tourist attractions in Indonesia have started operating as usual, but they still have to comply with the health protocols that have been announced by the government.

Location of Lake Kelimutu
The location of Lake Kelimutu is in the Kelimutu National Park area, the complete address is in Pemo Village, Kelimutu District, Ende Regency, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Route to Lake Kelimutu
The route to Lake Kelimutu can only be passed by private car, because there is no public transportation that crosses the area around this tourist attraction. The road that is passed is very good, easy for motorcycle and car to pass.

Namely, by directing your vehicle to the city of Ende, the estimated time taken is about 2 hours away. There are road signs that will direct you to this magical tourist location.

The Enchantment of Lake Kelimutu
The beauty of Lake Kelimutu has been heard echoing to foreign countries, where its characteristic is the color of the lake which can change to red, blue, and white.

To get to the lake location, you have to do trekking along a well-arranged road, from the parking area to Tiwu Ata Polo and Tiwu Ata Bupu for about 15 minutes.

You will be presented with amazing natural scenery, the wind blows quite hard and the air is very cool.

So make sure to bring a jacket or other warm clothes, wear comfortable footwear and bring enough drinks.

When he arrived near the two lakes, a sense of awe and amazement arose. God’s hand is truly extraordinary, and nothing can match it.

To get to the last lake called Tiwu Nuwa Muri Kofai, you have to continue trekking for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Near the lake there is a place to sit and relax while enjoying a very beautiful sunset. This lake is black and has a depth of about 127 meters.

Meanwhile, Tiwu Ata Polo has a depth of approximately 64 meters with an area of about 4.5 ha, and for Tiwu Ata Bupu it has a depth of approximately 67 meters with an area of up to 4 ha.

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