Otanaha Fortress, Gorontalo’s Historical Heritage

Gorontalo not only has beautiful beaches such as Ratu Beach and Pohon Cinta Beach. However, it also has tourist attractions that are thick with historical elements in it.

Otanaha Fortress is one of them. The fort is a relic of the Portuguese who had stopped in Gorontalo.

According to historical records, Otanaha Fort was built on the agreement of King Ilato and the Portuguese. The fort, which was built in 1522, was originally built as a fortress against enemy attacks.

Unfortunately, the Portuguese broke their agreement with King Ilato. As a result, a war between the two parties ensued. Long story short, King Ilato succeeded in expelling the Portuguese from the land of Gorontalo.

Since then, Otanaha Fort is commonly used by kings after King Ilato. Nowadays, Otanaha Fort is one of Gorontalo’s mainstay attractions.

Attractions of Otanaha Fort
There are several attractions found in Otanaha Fort. That makes this fort quite attractive in the eyes of tourists. Some of these attractions are:

The Fortress Structure
Unlike most forts in Indonesia which are built on the beach, Otanaha Fort is actually built on a hill. Otanaha Fort itself is located right on the hill of Lake Limboto. Otanaha Fort itself stands together with two other great forts. Forts Otahiya and Ulupahu are two of them.

Climb to the top of Otanaha Fort the next time you get to the fort. The reason is, you can see a beautiful panorama from the top of the fort. Starting from the view of Lake Limboto, to the view of the sunset.

Seeing Different Kinds of Birds
In addition to tourist attractions, Otanaha Fort is also home to various types of birds. The birds usually perch on the trees around the fort.

Kehicap Twigs, Cucak Kutilang, and King Prawns are some of these bird species. Not only birds, several tarsiers are also around this fort. If you want to see the tarsier, you must come in the afternoon or late at night.

Trekking Area
Not only historical tours, you can also exercise around Otanaha Fort. This can not be separated from the existence of a trekking area not far from the fort.

The trekking area in Otanaha itself is in the form of 351 steps. At some points, there is a stopover area that can be used as a place to rest. While in the area, you can rest while enjoying the fresh air around the area.

Nearby Tourist Places
Otanaha Fort is strategic because it is close to several tourist attractions. So, friends can picnic to other tourist spots after Otanaha. Bukit Layang and Jurenai Beach are some of them.

Otanaha Fort is located right on Jalan Usman Isa No Kelurahan, Dembe I, Kota Baru, Kota Gorontalo, Gorontalo. This fort can be accessed every day, from 8 am to 6 pm.

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