Kemiren Village Tourism Banyuwangi

Kemiren Village Banyuwangi
Kemiren Village Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi – Era may go on. but do not that way with pattern and life style Tribe Using in Kemiren Countryside, Glagah District, Banyuwangi Sub-Province.

Countryside aparting around 7 Occidental direction km from the Banyuwangi downtown, still taking care of mores their ancestor heritage. It is not strange if the Government Banyuwangi Sub-Province around year of 1995 settles countryside who(which having dweller the 2663 men as Countryside Custom Wisata.

Many customs Using which still making everlasting and defended member mostly lives by having cultivation this. Like house building beraksitektur Gebyug still, house of queer Using custom of typical characteristic and has philosophy life in keeping house.

Except, pattern farms tradisonal as using wood propeller to dissipate pest still being be performed.

Marriage ceremony still using custom order which is degraded by hereditaryly, for example ceremony lamaran manten and kirab kampong circumference presently has seldom be met area Banyuwangi Town.

Do not under developed of local menariknya,warga to have some custom events which is carried out by routine per annum, for example Tumpeng Sewu or ordinary called as member

Clean Countryside

which is executed at Monday or initial Friday in Haji.

event God clean this year countryside of we having selanggarakan at 1 coming December,” say Mr. Arising, doyen Countryside Kemiren at the time of is met by detiksurabayacom, Wednesday ( 15 / 10 / 2008) morning.

Besides holding firmly mores in all day long his(its, member of Kemiren Countryside all the majority believes in this Islam also bows to its(the religion teaching.

Social relation between member intertwins solidy.

there is hajatan tetangga,kami all berduyun-duyun urun negotiates matter or simply energy,” light Mr. Arising again.

Nature of member of tending to open, friendly to make balmy of whosoever paying a visit or even lodges to this Kemiren Countryside. Do not less than tens of his(its monthly tourist pays a visit to learn traditional wisdom of Tribe original this Banyuwangi.

wish to pay a visit door of our wide open house of for who only,” clearly Child Glorious Tahrim, Head Of Kemiren Countryside.

Many art galleries becoming place learns for every tourist, unnecessary to confuse place to shelter. Because continuing Tahrim because most all member unsalariedly will pass in visitor to live in its(the house.

Even lodge for the duration of who(which sufficiently long, one week or even one month.

assist us money mas shopping?expense,” his(its continuation.

Jelling it Cultural and Custom in Kemiren Countryside the more complete with wrapping Countryside situation which still Asri with the many growing trees .

River still flowing with clearness of original water of mountain splits areal rice field encircling Countryside. Jalan Countryside also has paved even do not smoothly road(street in downtown.

Middle by countryside there is Bridge Wisata with a width of 1800 M2 beginning of its establishment as central place activity of artistry of typical of Using as Gandrung Dance or Barong. The bridge now becomes place of conventional recreation with two swimming pools becoming its(the pledge.

For go on taking care of continuity of its ancestors heritage, Countryside the Government publishs Countryside Regulation or Perdes about Custom conservation in character only manage. Including existence of Conscious Group Wisata ( PokDarWis) which will serve cordially arrival the tourists.

Even so for member of Tribe Using in Countryside mores Kemiren is ancestor book which must still be taken care of and preserveed as respect at its ancestors. They believe if its mores was disregarded by hence their threatened countryside sos.

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