Karanganyar Regency


Karanganyar is one of regencies in Central Java province, 14Km from east of Surakarta, and bounded with Sragen regency in north, Ngawi regency and Magetan regency (East Java) in east, Wonogiri regency in south and Boyolali regency, Surakarta and Sukoharjo regency in west. It has capital with the same city.

Karanganyar has some potential tourism destination based on historical destination and tourism destination. Karanganyar is a home of the Mangadeg hill (also known as Truloroyo) Mangkunegaran royal burial complex built upon a small mountain. In the immediate vicinity are the Pablengan ruins of ritual bathing pools, fed by seven natural springs. Several hundred meters away is the mausoleum complex of former President Suharto Astana Giribangun as well as the alleged final resting place of legendary Javanese leader Raden Mas Samboernowo at the peak of this same hill, titled Argosari.

There are a substantial number of especially Javanese tourists who visit the Mangadeg and Argosari cemeteries to pray to Samboernowo for assistance in life, particularly business or political affairs, in line with the Kejawen or Kebatinan ancestor-worship/shamanic belief system.

Karanganyar also have one of great waterfall call “Grojogan Sewu” Grojogan Sewu waterfall, that mean thousand water fall that settle in Lawu mount foothill. Moreover, the tourism destination in Karanganyar is, Jumok waterfall, Bromo mountain, Pringgodani, Lawu peak, Cumpleng hotspring and many more.


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