Fun Facts About Maitara Island in North Maluku

[b]Maitara’s Panorama[/b]

Maitara Island, which is located in the North Tidore of North Maluku and is included in the Tidore Islands, has a stunning natural panorama of the mountains and sea so that it can attract the attention of local and foreign people. This is because Maitara has a natural beauty in the form of a beach with white sand and clear blue sea. In fact, you can also enjoy the view of the sunset and the various types of fish found in this tourist destination.

[b]Maitara on One Thousand Rupiah[/b]

The natural scenery enshrined in the thousand rupiah currency displays the enchanting paintings of Tidore Island and Maitara Island. The view of the thousand rupiah currency turned out to be obtained through the field of the local community, where the houses in Firu Village have natural views opposite Tidore Island and Maitara Island.

[b]Colonial History on Maitara[/b]

Maitara is included in the Ternate archipelago, being the first island visited by the Portuguese state. In fact, Maitara Island comes from the word “Maihara” in Portuguese which means stunning natural beauty when seen directly. In addition, Maitara Island is also a border island between 2 sultanates, namely the Sultanate of Ternate and the Sultanate of Tidore.


You can reach Maitara Island by using sea transportation from Ternate Island which you can take within 15 minutes. You can find and use the main transportation, namely a speedboat with a capacity of 5 people


Known for its stunning underwater scenery, you can also do various diving or snorkeling activities so that you can enjoy the diversity of fish and corals that have been strictly guarded by the people of Maitara Island. You can also find a variety of culinary delights available at this tourist destination, such as fried bananas, papeda, and yellow soup fish which can give you the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the enchanting Maitara Island and enjoy the typical culinary delights of tourist destinations.

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