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Traditional Cakes - Blauran, Surabaya

Blauran Market

Blauran traditional market, was build since 1957. This market is the most comprehensive market in Surabaya where we can find any goods in retails and quite oldest in Surabaya city that experience some rapid development in times.

Blauran traditional market is about traditional cakes. Indeed, most people go to Blauran market for traditional cakes and foods that become significantly rare today. As we know, modernization plays an important role today and brings dozens of improvements in people’s life. Thus, modern people may consume numbers of western cakes or European dishes, but traditional cakes will be stand on its ground.

In Blauran market, there will be various snacks, beverages, main course and more cakes. The price is similar and competitive among the seller, starts from Rp. 500 per piece and the profit will be more than 1 million a day. Those profits will be increase when the people have occasional event like wedding ceremony, birthday party, meeting purposes, great holiday or else. Those sellers will cut the price until 50% off after more than 8 pm.

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