The ancient Chinese travel chronicles refer to a place in the most southerly part of Sumatra called "Lamphung" or "place of the southerly winds." Being blessed with incredibly fertile soil, agriculture has naturally become the main industry of the province. Clove, coffee and coconut plantations are abundant along the southern coast while pepper, coffee, cassava, cocoa and rice are preferred in the eastern sections of the region

Tigers still roam this land although they are rare. The largest flower in the world, Rafflesia, can be seen at the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park.


KH. A. Dahlan Street 96E
Phone: (0721) 487994
Fax. (0721) 485413

Kesehatan Street 7B
Phone: (0721) 262525
Fax. (0721) 267929

Raden Intan Street 35B
Phone: (0721) 266778
Fax. (0721) 268645

Nusantara Hotel
Soekarno Hatta - Sukarame Street

Nusa Indah Hotel
Raden Intan Street 132
Phone: (0721) 265242
Fax. (0721) 264820

Kurnia Dua Hotel
Raden Intan Street 75
Phone: (0721) 252905

Purnama Hotel
Raden Intan Street 75
Phone: (0721) 26148

Ria Hotel
Kartini Street 107
Phone: (0721) 253974

Parahiyangan Hotel
Teuku Umar Street
Phone: (0721) 255339

Pacific Hotel
Yos Sudarso Street 13
Phone: (0721) 482334

Merpati Hotel
Yos - Sudarso Street
Phone: (0721) 341333

Wisma Bandar Lampung
Z.A Pagar Alam Street 1
Phone: (0721) 704676

Sheraton Lampung
Wolter Mongonsidi Street 157
Phone: (0721) 486666
Fax. (0721) 486690

Dr. Susilo Street 4
Phone: (0721) 262511
Fax. (0721) 254419

Sahid Bandar Lampung
Yos Sudarso Street 294
Phone: (0721) 488888
Fax. (0721) 486589

Indra Puri
Wolter Mongonsidi Street 70B
Phone: (0721) 258258
Fax. (0721) 2622440

Kurnia Perdana Hotel
Raden Intan Street 114
Phone: (0721) 262030
Fax. (0721) 262924

Andalas Hotel
Raden Intan Street 89
Phone: (0721) 263432
Fax. (0721) 261481

Mahligai Puri Hotel
Hos. Cokroaminoto Street 29
Phone: (0721) 253694

Kemala Hotel
Gatot Subroto Street 73/75
Phone: (0721) 262548

Sari Damai Hotel
Teuku Umar Street
Phone: (0721) 701935

Wisma Haji
Soekarno - Hatta Street
Phone: (0721) 702077


Soponyono Hotel
A. Yani Pringsewu Tanggamus Street
Phone: (0722) 21051

Setia Hotel
Samudera Street 294
Phone: (0722) 21065

KS Hotel
Samudera Street 90, Pasar Madang


Wisma Hosana
Raya Gisting Bawah - Tanggamus_Street
Phone: (0729) 41705

Balong Kuring Hotel
A. Yani Pringsewu - Tanggamus Street

Borobudur Hotel
Raya Pringsewu - Tanggamus Street


Duta Hotel
Jenderal Sudirman Street

Srikandi Hotel
Jenderal Sudirman Street

Mutiara Hotel
Jenderal Sudirman Street

Cahaya Hotel
Jenderal Sudirman Street

Mega Hotel
Abung Raya Barat Street

Setia Budi Hotel
Abung Raya Barat Street

Umban Sari Hotel
Jenderal Sudirman Street

Tulang Bawang Hotel
Raden Intan Street

Badar & Co Hotel
Perintis Kemerdekaan Street

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