Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park

Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park is a 143,143 hectares area on the low land area of eastern Sumatra, included into two provinces, Riau and Jambi. Ecologically, this area is classified as low land tropical rainforest, with some intra ecosystem inside like swamp and highland. Some of endangered species are highly protected here like Dead flower (rafflesia hasseltii and rafflesia arnoldi), amorphophallus SP, and some endangered animals like Sumatran tiger (panthera tigris sumatraensis), tapir (tapirus indicus), primates like Siamang (symphalangus syndactylus), Ungko (hylobates sp), birds (bocerotidae and argusianus argus).

This area is also interesting in its natural features of its geology, like the 30 Mountains intrusive complex, folded tertiary sediments, and some offer science breakthrough. Old tribes, which characterized most of Central Sumatra forest, is also one uniqueness you will find inside this park like Talang Mamak tribe.

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