Saronde Hotel
Walanda Marmis Street
Phone: (0435) 824144

Yulia Hotel
Ahmad Yani Street
Phone: (0435) 828395

Wisata Hotel
23 Januari Street
Phone: (0435) 821736

City Hotel
Basuki Rahmat Street
Phone: (0435) 822437

Krawang City Hotel
Basuki Rahmat Street
Phone: (0435) 822437

Citra Hotel
Merdeka Street
Phone: (0435) 821249

Melati Hotel
Gajah Mada Street
Phone: (0435) 821853

Wisata Leato Hotel
Leato Street
Phone: (0435) 824144

Sumber Ria
Budi Utomo Street
Phone: (0435) 23888

Budi Utomo Hotel
Budi Utomo Street
Phone: (0435) 821564

Mutiara Hotel
Andalas Street
Phone: (0435) 825778

Imam Bonjol Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street
Phone: (0435) 826240

Ahmad Dahlan Street
Phone: (0435) 23463

Budi Utomo Street
Phone: (0435) 22789

Pertiwi Street
Phone: (0435) 21088

Teluk Kau
S. Parman Street
Phone: (0435) 21785

Sinar Utama Hotel
Sam Ratulangi Street
Phone: (0435) 822147

Asia Baru
S. Parman Street
Phone: (0435) 22635

Panjaitan Street
Phone: (0435) 828881

Liberti Hotel
Kasuari Street
Phone: (0435)

Horison Hotel
Ahmad Dahlan Street
Phone: (0435)

Andalas Raya Hotel
Andalas Street
Phone: (0435) 824382

Lika Hotel
Ahmad Yani Street
Phone: (0435) 821296

Latest News

Saronde Island, Gorontalo

Saronde is a small Island that located near to the Gulf Kwandang, North Gorontalo District. Although this tiny, the charm of the Island is internationally well-known. There are many foreign tourists that come to this Island during peak season. Seronde … Continue reading

Cinta Island, Tomini Bay, Gorontalo

Pulau Cinta or love Island is become more popular today in Gorontalo, since it been promoted in Festival Sail Tomini Boalemo few years ago. Are you a newlywed and want to have perfect escape with your spouse? Then, celebrating your … Continue reading

Olele Marine Park, The Gorontalo’s Hidden Paradise

Better known as Gorontalo’s hidden paradise, Olele marine park is one of magnificent tourism objects in Gorontalo. It located in Olele village, Kabila Bone sub-district, Gorontalo. There are just so many things that make Gorontalo perfect for holiday, the beauty … Continue reading

Limboto Lake, Gorontalo

Limboto Lake Limboto is a lake located in Limboto District, Gorontalo, Indonesia. This lake has a depth of between 5 to 8 meters, the tourists that coming to this lake can enjoy various activities such as, fishing, boating competitions, or … Continue reading

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