The City Of Kendari


Kendari is a city in Indonesia, and also the capital city in Southeast Sulawesi. According to the history, the inventor, author and creator of the first map of Kendari was Vosmaer (Dutch nationality) in 1831. On May 9, 1832 Vosmaer built a king palace for Tolaki Tribe called Tebau around the port of Kendari, and each dated May 9 at the time and iat present time celebrated as the anniversary of Kendari.

In the Dutch colonial era Kendari was the capital of Kewedanan and the capital of Laiwoi Onder Afdeling. Kendari city first grew as the Capital District, and subsequently developed into the Capital Regency.

The economic side from the people of Kendari is farming and industrial. The local inhabitant which also become the indigenous is Tolaki people.

Kendari has some potential tourism destinations that worth to be explore. Kendari Bay is the most famous destination in Kendari. Beside, there is, Nambo beach, Karang Purirano Beach, Mayaria beach, Bungkutoko island, Dekranas national handicraft and many more.

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