Kampung Afrika in Blitar City

In Blitar City, tourists may have heard about Kampung Coklat or Chocolate Village. The good thing is other unique places are available for them to visit, including Kampung Afrika. This one is also called the Africa Village. As the name suggests, tourists can feel a similar nuance to that of the original Africa villages. This site is located in Tanggung Village and belongs to Kepanjenkidul Sub-District. It also resides in a fertile and beautiful environment. No wonder, visitors would feel comfortable during the visit. As for tourist activities, these include photography, exploration, and learning. Somehow, the site is suitable for a family recreation too.

The Nuance

In terms of nuance, Kampung Afrika offers a peaceful and clean environment. It is surrounded by gardens and shady trees, so the air feels quite refreshing there. Like people may expect, the village applies an Africa theme. No wonder, visitors may see Africa’s traditional houses and ornaments especially statues. Some facilities are available, too. This includes the rental service where tourists can get a unique attire and fur hat. Some souvenir vendors are also seen on the site, so tourists can buy some items before going home. These include the famous Kendang Jimbe! 

Exploring Kampung Afrika

Well, the main allure is definitely the uniqueness. Tourists want to spend a vacation in a new place like Kampung Africa, after all. Not to mention the location is near to Bung Karno’s Grave, so everyone should drop by before continuing the trip. Another good thing is the site resides near to local settlement, so tourists can get information and guide service easily. Both foods and accommodations are guaranteed, therefore.

Once entering Kampung Afrika, tourists may see traditional houses of African tribes right away. These houses are small and have a conical and round shape. The roof only applies Welit or dry woven sugar cane leaves. These houses reside neatly and each of them features a beautiful yard. Even colorful and beautiful flowers grow in that yard. With this kind of environment, tourists are likely to enjoy photography and take selfies in front of the house. Here is the good news. Visitors are allowed to enter and sit inside the house. Even the management allows the guests to eat in it!

In the midst of Kampung Afrika, there is a performance stage with a circular shape. During special moments, tourists can even watch numerous African dances! They are allowed to dance together with those dancers! For parents who come with kids, they must reach the playing ground too! It provides flying fox and other types of outbound facilities, in fact!

How to Get There

From Surabaya City, a trip to Blitar City would take around 3 hours and 30 minutes as the distance is 155 km. Tourists can even get there fast by taking Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. Once they arrive at Blitar City, the next destination would be Tanggung Village at Kepanjenkidul Sub-District where Kampung Afrika is located. The distance is 3.1 km, so the trip would take about 7 minutes only. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Ciliwung Street.

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