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Javanese People

Javanese are native people of Indonesia Java Island. Javanese people are the largest ethnic group who stands in Indonesia society for over 90 million people who spread in all over area in Indonesia.

Formerly, Javanese people are being concentrated only on East Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta. but due to migration within Indonesia, there are now high populations of Javanese people in almost all the Indonesian provinces.

Javanese people use Javanese language in daily speaks. The language from each part of Java area having their own dialects. Between Javanese language on Central Java is almost different with the people who spoke Javanese language in East Java. Central Java is famous by their gentle attitude and the way they speak Javanese are calm and fair. While East Java people are more likely have different Javanese style, they are more lived and vigorous. Some says that it is more sarcastic and frontal.

Culturally, Javanese people adopt a paternalistic system that traces the hierarchic lineage of the father, but they are not sometimes put the father’s name or family name behind their first name.

In art, everything about Java ethnic and culture are popular among the Indonesia society. Start from Batik, an Indonesia traditional cloth, Javanese Wayang or leather Puppet, the dance, and so on.

Javanese people have a stereotype as a friendly tribe and having great manners. But they are also known as an introvert and not straightforward group. This is said based on the character of the Javanese who want to maintain harmony to avoid conflict, which is why they tend to be silent and not denied in the event of differences of opinion.

Except for Javanese from East Java, they are more likely to be an egalitarian, straightforward and to the point person.

Finally, “Sura Dira Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti” be good, be nice, be Javanese…

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