Governor Suryo Monument, Surabaya – East Java

The Monument of Governor Suryo is the respect presentation to the first East Java Governor who had killed during PKI rebellion in Madiun 1948. This monument located in near to Apsari Park Complex in Gubernur Suryo Street in front of Grahadi State Building.

Under that statue, there is Speech inscription at November 9th 1945 on 23.00 Pm in Nirom Broadcast, Embong Malang Street Surabaya (Nowadays is JW Marriott Hotel), it is written: “Repeatedly we have told that our position is better fallen to pieces than colonized again. Also now in face ultimatum of English, we will hold firmly this position. We still refuse the ultimatum”. Around this monument, there is spot gathering for Surabaya youngster when they are hanging out on Saturday Night.

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