Sorong City

Sorong City settled in West Papua Province, Indonesia. This city is known as the City of Oil, where the Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea Petroleum Maatschappij (NNGPM) began carrying out oil drilling activities in Sorong since 1935. Sorong is the largest city in West Papua Province and the second largest city in Papua Indonesia, after Jayapura City.

Sorong city is very strategic because it is the entrance and transit gate to West Papua Province. Sorong City is also a city of industry, trade and services, because Sorong City is surrounded by other districts that have very potential natural resources.

Sorong City is the gateway to Raja Ampat tourist destinations. From Sorong City to Raja Ampat, you can travel by sea or by plane to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. Sorong comes from the word soren, which in the Biak language means deep and wavy sea. In ancient times, the Biak Tribe explored the ocean from Cenderawasih Bay to the west by boat, until they arrived and settled in the Raja Ampat Islands. It was the Biak Numfor tribe who gave the name "Land of Maladum" (now part of Sorong City area) as "Soren" which was later pronounced by Chinese traders, European missionaries, Maluku and Sangihe Talaud as Sorong. The Biak tribe is known as an accomplished sea explorer, they are also known as the vikings of Papua.

Not far from Dum Island is the culinary center of Berlin Wall. This culinary center is in tent stalls serving seafood and operates from evening to night. The Berlin Wall in Sorong had nothing to do with the Soviet Union's communist political affairs with western European countries.

It happens to called Berlin Wall because it was built in the 1990s, at the same time as the fall of Berlin Wall in Germany. At that time the news in the mass media focused more on the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany. Incidentally, the coastal abrasion barrier in Sorong City does not yet have a name. And to make it easier to mention and remember it, it is called the Berlin Wall. Currently the Berlin Wall in Sorong has the same fate as the Berlin Wall in Germany. Everything is ruin and goes the ground. The Berlin Wall in Sorong was torn down for beach reclamation.

The geological condition of Sorong City is a stretch of class C excavations such as mountain rock, limestone, sand, pile of land and gravel. Meanwhile, the types of soil found in Sorong City are white latosal soil which is located on the edge of Tanjung Kasuari beach and red yellow fudsolic soil which is found in the entire area of East Sorong District. The surface condition of Sorong City consists of mountains, hills and lowlands marked by ravines, and this area drained by medium and small rivers such as Rufei river, Klabala river, Duyung river, Remu river, Klagison river, Klawiki river, Klasaman and Klabtin rivers.

Sorong has variety of interesting tourist destination to visit. The tourism potential in Sorong is very interesting to visit. In fact, one of the popular tourist destination in West Papua can be visited by tourists by entering this Oil City first. So, it is not surprising that this city is considered as the entrance gate for this popular tourist spot.

You can get various types of interesting places when visiting Sorong City such as historical tourism, nature tourism, to marine tourism. Of course, there are various destination that very unfortunate if they are missed.

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