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Surabaya City Tour 1 Day Tour

08.00 :
Starting the trip from the hotel in Malang and drive direcly to Surabaya (the capital city of East Java).

10.00 :
Arrived in Surabaya and we will visit the Kalimas Harbor, here was the old harbor since colonial time and up to this time still have same function. We can see the activities of the sailors when they are working at this ancient harbor. From this harbor we will continue the trip to House of Sampoerna.

11.30 :
Arrived at the Museum “House of Sampoerna”, and we will see all the old collection of many kind of old equipment used used by Sampoerna Cigarette Factory (this timer mergered with philip morris). After we see the Museum also the activities of the worket, we will continue the trip to the most historical bridge called “Jembatan Merah” (red bridge).

13.00 :
Visiting the biggest Arabic community at “Kampoeng Arab”, hee we will see the cultural combination between Arabic and Javanese.

14.00 :
Drive back to Malang and ending the tour.

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