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Semarang one day

lawang-sewu-semarang-jawa-tengahFacilities are available, among others:
1. Transportation by air-conditioned car during the Tour of Semarang
2. Free meal at Restaurant  with special food from Semarang
3. Roving to tourist attractions such as Lawang Sewu Semarang, Tugu Muda, Sam Po Kong, Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong, the Old City, Gereja Blenduk, Semarang central souvenirs at Jl. Pandanaran with free parking and free entry tickets
4. The driver and guide
5. Enjoy Luwak Coffee Arabica
6. Mineral water

* Tourists come in Semarang and will be picked you up at any place such as: airports, stations, terminals, hotel, or other places by using car. The tour will begin early
* Travelers freely choose the sites to be visited:
– Sam Po Kong
– Temple Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong
– Old Town area
– Gereja Blenduk
– Semarang souvenir center at Jl. Pandanaran
– etc
* 15:00 = Tourists will be drived to eat at local restaurant  with signature dish, Bandeng Goreng or fried milkfish
* 17:00 = after meal, we can directly visit Tugu Muda to enjoy the evening atmosphere in city Semarang
* 18:00 = heading to the ancient building Lawang Sewu that accompanied by a guide and caretaker
* 20:00 = Tourists are invited to relax while enjoying Kopi Luwak arabica Indonesia
After the tour finished, tourists will be drived to the previous destination like hotels, airports, stations, terminals, or other places

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