Food & Beverages.

Typical food and beverage in Sampang
Sampang typical food is dominated by seafood exploitation with its thick spices. The typical foods of Sampang are:
• Squid soup
• Nae Sla tela (a kind of rice)
• Mackarel Sate (kabob)
• Banana Gechok
• Chicken/mutton Sate (kabob)
• Soto Sampang (a kind of soup)
• Lontong lodeh
• Hase orep and plappa kabah (a kind of rice)
• Lontong lodeh dendeng manis
Dessert covers:
• Jajan Calbikal
• Ketempah
• Lapis Juko
• Kolpang
• Podeng jegung
Beverage covers:
• Cao ramo
• Cendul
• Biddeng poka

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