Camplong Tourist Cottage and Beach

Camplong Tourist cottage and Beach are located in Dharma Camplong Village. Further east just 62 km from Bangkalan. Camplong beach is a good place to stop over on your journey in Madusa Island through south road. The Kind of tourism with many facilities given both children amusement places and accommodation in front of inn/cottage along the edge of the beach. Camplong fishing village with colorful sailing boat can be added into your tour. Camplong cottage in this area is recommended to stay at. The distance of the tourist cottage and Camplong Beach from the Regency Capital is about 8 km with roads in good condition. It is a very suitable place for transiting or resting because it is precisely located near the main street to Kamal-Sumenep. When you come to this resort you are able not only to rest but also to enjoy delicious Madurese ‘rujak’ easily found there. There are also provided with other facilities such as children amusement places and swimming pools.

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