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What do we often hear about Ponorogo? Most people may saying that Ponorogo is famous with its traditional dance named 'Reog Ponorogo'. It is undeniable that Ponorogo is famous as Reog City because this is the original art there. Even the traditional arts are going worldwide and become the icon of Ponorogo. But it is not only about the arts, tourist destinations in Ponorogo attract more tourists to visit to enjoy its natural beauty.

There only several tourist destinations in Ponorogo. It can even be counted, but the charm of those destinations cannot be underestimated. Although, Ponorogo does not have exotic beaches, but it has charming mountains and hills.

History of Ponorogo
Ponorogo consists of two sub-words: Pramana and Raga. Pramana means strength and the secret of life. Meanwhile, Raga means body. If you go backwards, the name Ponorogo itself begins through a discussion between Raden Bathara Kantong, Seloaji, Jayadipa and Kyai Mirah (historical figures in Ponorogo).

In the meeting they agreed that the region which was originally located in Wengker area was called Pramana Raga or now called Ponorogo. Establishing this duchy is not easy. Raden Bathara Katong must approach Ki Ageng Kutu who is the leader of the Wengker area.

In short, on August 11, 1946 Raden Bathara Katong finally was able to establish the duchy of Ponorogo. That date was finally made as the anniversary of Ponorogo until now.

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