Mount Bromo Scenery

Bromo scenery is primary tourist attractions in East Java that can seen from the top of Mount Penanjakan that has altitude 2774 meters above sea level and it is the highest top Tengger Mountain range. The visitors can see beautiful sunrise, sand sea and the scenery of Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo can be accessible from Malang and Surabaya just only 95 km. In addition, we can see the uniqueness of Tenggerese tradition, which has mutual work in Tenggerese culture the ritual activities still exist such as Kasada, Karo, Unan-unan, Entas-entas, and Purnama Tilem. If the visitors go there, they will find a spectacular panorama along their way, completed with its fresh air and snaky hily roads. Its accessible from Pasuruan via Wonokitri - Tosari.

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