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Nganjuk regency is one of the tourism object in East Java which has some of the charming tourist attractions. The beautiful panorama of tourist resorts, the memorable of the historical site and enchanting of the culture and art of Nganjuk regency are the reasons to visit this location. It also has some tourism facilities which support this place to become a funtastic tourism object, such as; hotels, restaurants, etc.


According to the Anjuk Ladang inscription, in 10 April 937 M, there was a war between Mpu Sendok and Melayu Kingdom. The war was ended in Anjuk Ladang village (Nganjuk). Mpu Sendok was supported by the society around and won the war. Finnaly, Mpu Sendok was became a King. To memorized this event, 10 April was determined as Nganjuk regency anniversary.

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