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Malang regency has a handicraft center named "Pusat Kerajinan Kendedes" or Handicraft Center of Kendedes. Technology development brings Malang societies become dynamic society. There are many home industries that carry out nature source, such as; chips industry that use cassava, potatoes, etc; as its main material. Wooden sandal and the other handicraft industry have developed faster.

This potency has attracted many foreign and domestic tourists to explore Malang tourism. They interesting about Malang handicraft and souvenirs. To increase this potency, Malang regency prepares its home industries to become handicraft center area. One of them is Handicraft Center Of Kendedes. It sells many kind of handicraft product, such as; accessories, wooden crafting, unique bag, etc. Those products are handmade products, which made by Malang carvers and crafter.

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