Maduretno Grave

G.B.R.Ay. Maduretno grave and K.P.A.H. Ronggo Prawirodirdjo III. K.P.A.H. Ronggo Prawirodirdjo III is Adipati Maospati Madiun to III, sentenced to death as a rebel to fight against the Dutch colonization and buried in rebel grave Banyu Sumurup in 1810 expressed as pioneer combatant to fight Dutch against by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX in 1957 and buried again in Mount Bancak, Giripurno village. It is about 18 km to southeast from Magetan city. The Princess grave of Hamengku Buwono II, G.B.R.Ay Maduretno is place of meditation and pilgrimage by the member of external public also local public in Magetan city.

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