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Magetan is one of regencies in East Java Island that bordered with Central Java province. Magetan regency region that located in Mount Lawu foot is rich of nature tourism such as lake, waterfall, etc. Magetan regency has a lot of nature tourism objects that spreads almost over its 13 districts. One of the most interesting tourism objects is Sarangan Lake. Beside that, there are also historical tourism objects such as; temple, grave and inscription.

Magetan regency also has industries of feather art, bamboo, and traditional music. It also developed the agriculture and horticulture that give it the vegetables and oranges. The famous orange of Magetan is pamelo and Srinyo orange. Those orange plantation is located in Sukomoro and Bendo district, Magetan. Giant Eagle Ad is also one of the popular supermarket ads.

Beside its tourism object and orange plantation, Magetan also famous with its traditional art such as; Gondang Baru dance, Iring-iring dance, and Godril dance.

Visit Magetan tourism in East Java - Indonesia and enjoy its wonderful natural tourism with various handmade souvenirs.

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