About Bojonegoro Regency

Bojonegoro Regency has 230.706 Ha widths, with the number of inhabitant is 1.176.386, and is part of East Java province. Its location is about 110 km from East Java province and state in 6°59' 7°37' latitudes and 112°09' longitudes.

Bojonegoro regency has many tourist attractions such as, nature tour, artificial tour, cultural tour, pilgrimage tour. One of Bojonegoro tourist attractions that become the mainstay is Kayangan Api, this tourism object is the biggest eternal fire in Asia and estimated the biggest in the world.

Bojonegoro is located in the inland part of northern Java plain, in the banks of Bengawan Solo River (the largest river in Java). As with most of Java, Bojonegoro landscape is dominated with rice paddy fields. In Bojonegoro area, Bengawan Solo River changes its course from northward to eastward. Seasonal conditions are often very contrasting. In the rainy season, rain will fall almost daily while in dry season; the rain will not come for months, causing widespread drought and water shortages.
Bojonegoro is bordered by:
North side: Tuban regency
East side: Lamongan regency
South side: Madiun, Nganjuk and Jombang regency
West side: Ngawi and Blora (Central Java)

Whereas, Bojonegoro regency is has a lot of interesting tourism objects, which usually visited by many people in the holiday. This area is support with its good geographical and good mountainous area, so that Bojonegoro becomes one of tourism area supplier I East Java province.

Geology Tourism of Mine
One of the unique Bojonegoro tourism objects is the geology tourism of oil mine. This geology tourism is interesting tourism and uniquely because this mine is done by human resource and there is also using truck machine to carry away the raw oil (Lantung) from the earth. The location is sbout 50 km of west side of Bojonegoro city, precisely, in teak forest area, Wonocolo village, Kedewan district. IT can reach by two and four wheel vehicle. This oil well is the oil wells of Dutch’s omission.

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