Hok Swie Bio Temple, The Colors of Diversity

Hok Swie Bio Temple - Bojonegoro

Hok Swie Bio Temple

Hok Swie Bio Temple is one of religious place in Bojonegoro. It is Tri Dharma religious place and famous with its Dragon Head design. It looks like a chinese area, because the design is seems like Chinese style. The dominant color of this temple is red, so that many people thought that this temple is build for Chinese people.

This temple is visit by many people, especially in Chinese new year. There are many pilgrim from Bojonegoro and other area visit and pray here. Hok
Swie Bio temple has some rest place, so that the pilgrims can stay here for couple days. This temple is also clean and comfortable.

Beside its unique form, this temple has some relief on its wall that
describe a dragon head with blue body. Hok Swie Bio temple also has some
bowl to burn the (one of pray ritual equipment).

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