Visiting Bromo from Yogyakarta by Public Transportation

Tour to Bromo can be an option in a long holiday. Moreover, the Mount Bromo tour has reopened. For visitors in Yogyakarta and want to take a vacation to Mount Bromo, the options transportation is a private vehicle or taking public transportation. If you want to try taking public transportation, it will be easier and more affordable to use land transportation, like trains or buses.

The trip to Bromo from Yogyakarta can be reached by train. You can start the trip by ordering a train ticket to Probolinggo Station. You can order a train ticket for the Sri Tanjung train, for Lempuyangan-Probolinggo connection. The train will depart at 07.20 AM from Lempuyangan and arrive in Probolinggo at around 16.12 PM.

Spending eight hours by train, you will arrive at Probolinggo Station. Continue the trip by using Elf transportation that leads to Cemoro Lawang. However, the transportation does not always exist all the time, or only in a certain time. If you are not lucky, you can continue from Probolinggo Station to Bayu Angga Probolinggo Bus Terminal. You can take city transportation. Arriving at the terminal, you can continue your trip by Bison transportation to Cemoro Lawang.

Apart from trains, from Yogyakarta to Bromo can also reached by other transportation, buses. From Yogyakarta you can depart at Giwangan Terminal. The choice of bus is Mila Sejahtera from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi or you can also take the one that goes to Yogyakarta – Jember. You can get off at Probolinggo Terminal. Then, the route will be the same after that, taking the Bison transportation to Cemoro Lawang.


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