The Hidden Paradise On Bangka-Belitung

Bangka-Belitung Island

Bangka Belitung is an Indonesia province that consist of two main islands which are, Bangka and Belitung and some other small islands. The islands that already have known are consist of 470 Islands and islands that already been settled by the inhabitant are about 50 Islands. Bangka Belitung is located in the eastern part of Sumatra Island, close to the South Sumatra province.

the governmental of Bangka-Belitung was legalized on February 2001, with the capital Pangkal Pinang City.

The Flora and fauna on Bangka-Belitung are various. Especially on their wood products, Bangka-Belitung has range of qualified woods that usually being traded to outside the regioan, they are: Meranti wood, Ramin, Mambalong, Mandaru, Bulin, and Kerengas. Others forest products which popularly coming from Bangka-Belitung are natural honey and rattan. Besides, the economic commodities are running for significant mining, which is the largest producer for Tin in Indonesia. They also have White pepper.

The cultural diversities on Bangka-Belitung, especially on the capital city of pangkal Pinang is so rich and peacefully going well. Regarding that the inhabitants are mostly coming from Malay ethnic, Tionghoa ethnic and some others are coming from Batak, Minangkabau, Palembang, Sunda, Banjar, Bugis, Menado, Flores and Ambon ethnic.

As the capital of this province, Pangkal Pinang become the busiest city of this province. Where, most of the traffic life are settled in this city.

Bangka-Belitung is famous with its beautiful beaches as an tourism object. They have some of attractive beaches like, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Parai Tenggiri Beach, Matras Beach, Tanjung Pesona Beach, Pasir Padi Beach, and some other beautiful beaches.

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