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Puhsarang Church - Kediri

Puhsarang Church

This church is located in Puhsarang village, Semen district of Kediri, that’s why it is called Puhsarang Church. The location is 10 km in western Kediri City. This old church had built by Ir. Heendricus Maclaine on behalf of pioneer Mr. Yohanes Humbertus Wolters CM in 1931. The architecture is collaboration between European and Majapahit, combination with other local cultures and Christianity. The first establishment of the complex is the “Antique Church”, Puhsarang Church. The structure of the church has unique architectural style form and we can see unique full-scale sculptures of Lord Jesus and the people on the way of cross. If we look at this church so far, it is like a ship from a mountain, which is describing the rescue Noah prophet’s story and his passengers. The buildings in the church area are built from the massive stones, which are taken from materials surrounding the tourism area. The tourism facilities are parking area, hotel, cottages, and home stay, souvenir kiosk, and Kediri special food.

The tourism object of Puh Sarang Church ST. Josef gate along with Henricus Tower is the main entrance to Puhsarang Church. Bentar Temple, Tower Bell and a relief as well are built to describe Adam’s falling in sin. The main building has roof likes Copula or Dome consists of Altar and Kudos, Sacrament, Baptism, Sacristy, and the place to admit sin. This building made from stone that is adhesive without cement but using Tetes. The roof of building is supported by spread out wire steel without laths and rafter, so if there is a wind it will make a special sound.

Maria Lourdes Cave along with Maria statue is a replica of Maria Lourdes from France. It was built in 1998. The location of this cave becomes a central sacred on the night before Kliwon Friday night. The central location of this cave is crowed by at least 10.000 people from Local, Regional, National, or abroad. In the west location of Maria Lourdes cave, there is a pure waterfall, which radiated from a mountain stonewall can be beneficial to visitors.

The Rosario Cottage is describing a Jesus Christ journey to heaven. The Golgotha crucify hill way is describing a Jesus Christ journey until crucifixion. The Columbarium storage dust corpses place, The Kana park, The land Lahore camp hill, To enter that location, the local government opens the access 8 meters wide, so the society will enter that place in comfortable feeling.

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