Tari Payung, The Traditional Umbrella Dance

Umbrella Dance

Tari Payung or Umbrella Dance is Minangkabau’s traditional dance. Minangkabau is one of regencies in Indonesia, which located in West Sumatra.

Since Tari Payung played by a pair of young man and woman, the meaning of Tari Payung is telling about the man approaching a girl and how he cares about his girl. The umbrella that being the main utility, is symbolize the main icon to be the shelter for the spouse in having good relationship.

The number of dancers in umbrella dance is always complete, and always in pairs, can be three or four pairs. The dance is always accompanied by traditional instrumen like Gendang or traditional drum and the song is about Sikambang traditional song. The song is such a poem in Malay style.


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