Tape, Bondowoso Traditional Food

Tape Bondowoso
Tape Bondowoso

Bondowoso is well known as Tape City (Kota Tape). “Tape” is a traditional food from Bondowoso, and it is spread in almost every area in Bondowoso district. This food can be considered as nutritious snack. Tape is having taste between sweet and sour and it made from slightly fermented cassava. Tape Bondowoso has a special sweet taste and cannot be imitated by other towns. By consuming Tape, the need of B1 vitamin in our body can be fulfilled, and so our body will be fresh. B1 vitamin is very important for women who have just given birth to restore the new energy and also to produce the milk. It is also good for curing the laziness, hemorrhoids, and also for curing pimples.

There are many types of tape produced in Bondowoso, for example: Tape Manis at Wringin village; Tape Manalagi at RE. Martadinata Street; Tape 31 and Tape 82 at PB Sudirman Street.

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