Tanjung Gaang, Extraordinary Beauty Beach in Bawean Island

In Bawean Island there are lots of nautical tourism, one of them is Tanjung Gaang. Tanjung Gaang is extraordinary charm. No corners were not beautiful in Tanjung Gaang.

Tanjung Gaang is a stretch of very large rocks on the clear blue sea until we could see the coral and fish in the sea. Vast expanse of rock with the pounding of the waves hitting the rocks will certainly make you want to linger at the beach that is located in the western end of Bawean Island. Coral hill and clarity of the seawater is the attraction of Tanjung Gaang.

We can enjoy the hills of beautiful coral with the clear sea water below with the exquisite marble hill.

There are other interesting things on Tanjung Gaang. You can enjoy the charm of Tanjung Gaang Beach with two ways. First by down the rocks using fishing boats, and the second to climb the rock itself, you had to pass Tanjung Kima Beach, the coral reef like a frog or well known as Tanjung Kodok Bawean and rocky road. On the rocky road we must pass by a little crawling with care anyway, because otherwise we will fall on sharp rocks.

Tanjung Gaang is located in Somor-Somor sub-village Tanjung Kima, on Kumalasa village, Tanjung Gaang is located approximately 8 kilometers from Sangkapura. To reach Somor-Somor is suggested to use motorcycle, because the road leading to it winding.




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