Simpang Lima Gumul in Kediri Regency, East Java

Simpang Lima Gumul becomes an interesting tourist site in Kediri Regency these days. The prime allure is definitely the presence of SLG Monument, which is named after the abbreviation. Aside from the appearance, tourists come to the site in order to learn the history and take photos of it. Thanks to the majestic shape and grand size. It is likely all travelers would drop by once they pass the area. Also, in the afternoon and at night, the nuance becomes soother and suitable for hanging out.

The Nuance

Once arriving at the site, tourists may feel the crowded nuance right away. It is because Simpang Lima Gumul has an excellent popularity. As for the shape, the monument looks similar to famous France’s L’Arc de Triumph! Despite the similarity, each of them has a different philosophy. Kediri’s SLG Monument was built as the symbol of prosperity while France’s is meant to honor the Napoleon War during the revolution. As for the size, the monument has a height of 6 meters and it has a total width of 804 meters per square. It even features stairs and multiple floors.

Exploring Simpang Lima Gumul

Tourists have the prime reason for visiting Simpang Lima Gumul. It is none other than to enjoy the nuance. Two best times to visit the site are in the morning and afternoon. Both of these times offer a merry and satisfying atmosphere. Not to mention visitors are able to avoid the heat of the sun when exploring the location. Still, there is another significant reason why tourists visit the site. It is to appreciate the monument’s design and shape. It is also possible to learn further information about it. It is said the idea came from Mr. Sutrisno, who was a Kediri’s regent in 2003. Due to the popularity, visitors should pay a parking fee if they come with a private vehicle.

The size is majestic and the design is attractive. Tourists would be astonished by the wall carvings that beautify the monument. There is even a big Ganesha Statue! It symbolizes both intelligence and protection. With those attractive features, the monument indeed becomes a nice object to conduct photography. Tourists can simply take selfies in front of the monument. One thing, the atmosphere is crowded due to the high number of visitors. That means taking photos should be done correctly for the best results.

The next recommended thing to do in Simpang Lima Gumul is relaxation. Most of the times, many snack and food vendors operate in the parking area. Tourists should carry enough money when visiting the site, therefore. Some of the best foods to buy are Nasi Gurih, Pecel, Nasi Bakar, Lontong Sayur, and much more! Also, several souvenir vendors operate in that area, too!

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How to Get There

For those coming from Surabaya City, they may spend around 1 hour and 59 minutes to get to Kediri Regency. It is because the distance is 120 km. The trip can be faster depending on the route they take and the traffic, actually. As for the best routes, these are Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway and Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. Once tourists arrive at Kediri, they can simply take Raya Kediri – Pare Street in order to reach Simpang Lima Gumul. The distance is 17.7 km, so the trip would take approximately 28 minutes.

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