Sikidang Crater Gives Different Beauty for The Plateau, Dieng

Sikidang crater is one of interesting tourism objects among several natural tourism objects in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo Sikidang crater is a volcanic crater with steaming vents and frantically bubbling mud ponds this crater gives another nuances on Dieng’e natural beauty fresh green, cold and so nature this crater is still active until now and quite safe to visit due to low levels of sulfur in many days, the smell of sulfur of the crater is stronger volcanic crater with a lava pit in the plain areas so that the crater can be seen directly from the edge of the crater since the weather of Dieng plateau is cool, the visitors need to bring necessity for cold weather especially during the rainy season Sikidang crater tourism objects also equipped with souvenir’s shops and stalls which sell various food and beverages.

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