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The Making Of Rambak - Mojokerto

Rambak Crackers

Rambak is one of Indonesian side dishes or snack that commonly become cracker. Rambak is made of deep fried cow hide.

Rambak industrial that become famous in East Java Province is in Mojokerto. This industrial is located in Kauman Village, Bangsal sub-district, Mojokerto. The process of making Rambak is start from drying the cow hide then boiled with lime and salt water. After expanding, cowhide will dried again to remove the water, but not become so dry. Next step is cutting.

After the cutting, re-dried cowhide until completely dry and then re-soaked with herbs. Then dried again. Cowhide or rambak crackers then packaged in plastic wrap and ready to the market. Rambak Crackers are not only for snack or light meal but trusted as preventive medicine thyroid disease and ulcers.

Along the Bangsal road you will see shops in a row selling rambak crackers , and between one and another has a different brand. Not only the ready-to-eat rambak crackers are sold, the raw is also available. For the super quality, the raw crackers rambak valued around Rp 30,000, – per 1 / 2 kg. But for the crackers valued around Rp 5,000, – per pack.

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