Ponorogo Fruit of Durian

Durian Montong - Ponorogo
Durian Montong - Ponorogo


Durian fruit is obtained from many villages Ngebel.objects very close to the lake tour Ngebel ponorogo.enjoy a trip to pit Ngebel, we can purchase by – by the fruit Durian.Durian Montong than ukuranya big, it’s true – very sweet, very true. Ngebel in the village is a place that is suitable for agriculture Durian.area fruit plantation is very knowledgeable and a very cool air to make the fruit Durian disini.visitors grow very quickly if many months come have.selain Suro want to enjoy the beautiful lake Ngebel, month Suro also always float held ceremonies customary offerings.
if you pay a visit to the city Ponorogo, sempatkan to enjoy the village Ngebel Durian.

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