Kalimas Seaport, Surabaya – East Java


Kalimas traditional seaport is located at the east of Kalimas River, lies about 10 kilometers to the west of Kenjeran beach. Kalimas is a living history of Surabaya’s maritime heritage where carts and human toil continue to load and unload merchandise into and out to the tile of the Phinisi Schooners. The best visit in order to see the loading and unloading activities is in the morning or before the sunrise. The available facilities are; place parked, lodging and restaurant. It is easy and reachable by public or private vehicles.

Nowadys, The Traditional Port of Kalimas Surabaya, is not become the main port anymore. It is  because, some of the entrepreneurs ship  or some kind of services that use transportation of public ship, have changed over to port in Gresik.

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