Hypnotized the Beauty of Underwater, Tomia Island

The popularity of Wakatobi National Park is famous throughout the world. Considered as the region with the best diving spots in the world, making Wakatobi National Park an obligatory destination that must be visited in Indonesia. Located in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, this national park area holds a surprise underwater beauty that is never bored to talk about. If you visit Wakatobi, stop by one of the islands which is called the smallest among the four other islands, Tomia Island. This island not only presents the natural beauty of underwater, even the land also has an attraction that makes the tourists amazed by its beauty.

The Tomia Island region consists of two districts, namely Tomia Timur District which is centered in Usuku and Tomia Induk District which has a center in the Waha area. On this island there are eighteen villages inhabited by people from the Bugis, Javanese, Bajo, and Buton tribes. Because it is the smallest island of the other Wakatobi Islands, it only takes about two to three hours to surround the entire area on Tomia Island. The land of Tomia is filled with hills, valleys, and vast stretches of savanna. On the Tomia mainland, visitors can also find historical sites such as Patuha Fortress. The beauty of the Tomia land is no less compared to the underwater beauty of the island which belongs to the world’s coral triangle area.

If you are satisfied exploring the Tomia plain and can’t wait to witness the beauty and rich marine life, visitors can choose between snorkeling or diving. Diving activities certainly can only be done by divers who have a license. There is already an experienced dive operator or dive center on this island, with a dive center so you don’t have to be afraid to feel dissatisfied with the experience of exploring the underwater world of Tomia Island. The average coral reef on Tomia Island which reaches 1.2 km will spoil the eyes of divers with the condition of a healthy and well-preserved coral reef, colorful fish and other marine animals look shameless back and forth near the divers. Satisfied to see the beauty of the sea, visitors can return to the mainland Tomia while relaxing after finishing diving. Enjoying the twilight of the Khayangan hill with a stretch of savanna is a suitable cover to end the trip in Tomia and appreciate the beauty that Tomia Island has to offer.

For anyone who wants to visit Tomia, there are many transportation options that can be used. From Jakarta you can take a direct flight to Matahura Airport, Wakatobi in Wanci, by transit in Kendari. You can also take a sea trip from Kendari on a weekly crossing boat directly to Tomia Island. Or if you start the journey from Makassar, you can use the PELNI ship to Bau-bau, then cross to Wanci Island with a travel time of about 12 hours.

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