Hidden Waterfall is Called Gunung Meja of East Sumba

Gunung Meja Waterfall in East Sumba Regency

Aside from exotic beaches and interesting local culture, East Nusa Tenggara Province is the home to other tourist attractions including waterfalls. Well, one of them resides in East Sumba Regency, which is called Gunung Meja Waterfall. To be exact, the location is in Kuta Village and it belongs to Kanatang Sub-District. Have no worries. The distance is considered especially for those coming from Waingapu City. So, what makes it unique? Some locals call it the hidden nirvana waterfall due to its nice landscape and mesmerizing pond. People usually enjoy several activities there including playing water, watching flora fauna, photography, taking a bath, and relaxation.

The Nuance

The most recognizable characteristic of Gunung Meja Waterfall is the fact that it consists of 3 parts and each of them comes with a distinct uniqueness. The first part is the small puddle with beautiful blue color. It is perfect for swimming and taking a bath, actually. As for the second and third part, tourists may find a majestic stone composition which is worth photography. When it comes to the appearance of the waterfall, it has a moderate height and low water discharge. The water feels quite refreshing, without a doubt! Not to mention the nuance of the site is quite soothing due to the presence of several big trees there.

Exploring Gunung Meja Waterfall

Why is the name? The locals gave the name based on the source of water, which is coming from Gunung Meja Cave. So, what can people do there? It is as simple as enjoying the atmosphere. The waterfall resides in a secluded area, after all. That means the ambiance is quite peaceful and suitable for relaxation. What tourists need to consider is only the spot on where they enjoy relaxation and sightseeing. In this case, make sure to choose the dry landscape so tourists are able to avoid getting slipped or feeling discomfort during lessening.

The next recommended thing to do in Gunung Meja Waterfall is taking a bath or playing water in the natural pond. This one is located in the first section of the site, as mentioned earlier. The color of the water is milky blue and it features soothing sensation (especially in the morning). No wonder, such refreshing natural pond is able to help tourists to eradicate stresses and tiredness at once! Do not forget to carry extra clothes, though.

Another thing that tourists must do when visiting Gunung Meja Waterfall is to explore the site and witness available flora fauna. The songs of birds and the presence of various plants make the waterfall more interesting, after all. With these features, tourists won’t complain at all even though they can’t find any facilities on site. Don’t you agree?

How to Get There

For those coming from the capital of East Nusa Tenggara Province, they should take an airplane from El Tari International Airport and head to Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport in Waingapu City. Have no worries. This flight takes only 30 minutes. Once arriving at the airport, tourists can get to Gunung Meja Waterfall located in Kuta Village right away. Well, the distance is 12.5 km, so the trip may take around 26 minutes. They must take Adi Sucipto Street for a faster trip, though.

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