Endangered Animals Typical of Indonesia That Extinct

In addition to having a variety of cultures, Indonesia also contains unique and enchanting natural charms, and also the diversity of its animals. However, the pace of civilization is making it rarer. What animals are rare in Indonesia?

Proboscis monkey
Proboscis monkey is a type of monkey that has a long nose and light brown hair. The characteristic feature of proboscis monkey is the bigger and longer nose found in male proboscis monkeys, because it has a long nose. Many people call proboscis monkeys as Dutch monkeys.

One-horned rhinoceros
The rhino which has one horn is often called the Javan rhino, its shape is almost similar to the indie rhino but slightly smaller, its main characteristic is the thick skin that mosaics resembling armor.

Komodo dragons
Komodo is an endemic animal that lives in Nusa Tenggara, including the islands of Gili, Rinca, Flores and Komodo Island. This giant lizard is very dangerous because their saliva contains deadly bacteria.

The orang-utan is a type of monkey with long arms and reddish brown fur. This animal lives in the tropical forests of Indonesia and Malaysia, especially Kalimantan and Sumatra.

Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo
The Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo or known as Mayr Tree-Kangaroo is an endemic species of kangaroo that lives Papua island, its habitat is thought to be in the mountainous area of Wondiwoi, Wondama Bay district, West Papua.


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