Beauty Green Bay in Banyuwangi

Teluk Hijau Banyuwangi is also known as Green Bay Banyuwangi. As the name implies, this place is one of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi with the unspoiled beauty.

The beach scenery with beautiful sand. Green Bay is located in Pesanggaran District , precisely in Sarongan village. It located about 90 km to south of Banyuwangi town. To reach this beach from Banyuwangi we just follow the directions to Pesanggaran-Sarongan-Sukamade, that are still one lane of route to Sukamade beach, Meru Betiri National Park.

On the way, you will pass a beach that is quite unique, namely Pantai Batu (or: stone beach). It is said so, because this beach consists of stones that are lined up quite neatly, not sand like ordinary beaches.

Teluk Ijo or Green Bay is located approximately 300 meters after the Batu beach. It is said that the stones found on this beach are the remains and traces of the Tsunami that had hit this area.

Green bay beach has a clean coastline, with clear green sea water. Not blue like the usual beach color. The sand on this beach is smooth and thick, so it is soft on our feet. Another thing that is contained here is a mini waterfall as high as 8 meters, enough to wash the body after being satisfied playing sea water.

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