Atas Bawah Lake – Solok, West Sumatra

Danau Atas Bawah

Solok Regency has two lakes, separated by only 300 meters of land between them, so people call them Twin Lake. The upper lake is named as Lake in Bottom and the lower lake is named as Lake in Above or better known as Danau Atas Bawah.

It located near the town of Alahan Panjang, Solok regency, West Sumatra, Lake Above and Below Lake looks unique because it is located near to one and another. The difference lies only in the height of the two lakes. Above the lake is at an altitude of 1531 meters above sea level, while and Lake Below is in altitude of 1663 masl.

The lake which usually first being visited by visitors is Lake Under. Above the lake has water that could be considered not so deep for the size of the lake, which is 44 meters.

Just one kilometer from Lake Above, you can find Lake Under. If we can noted clearly, the location of Lake Above is in under, while the Lake Below is in above. If it is aligned, it turns the water level of Lake Above is in the same surface of the lake with Under. This is because they are very different depths, namely 44 meters to Lake Above and 800 meters to the lake Under.

To reach this lake, from the city of Padang you can take a trip to the route Sitinjau Laut – Lubuk Selasih – Solok. It spent 2 hours drive and you will have an enchanting beauty after arriving into the lake.

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