Tiban Dance

Tiban is one of Trenggalek's dance which has been perpetuated by a great number of villagers. "ban" was a dry seasonal tradition for young shepherds trying to get water for their cattle. To obtain water, they occupied with the game the rain fell down heavily. Up to the present time. "Tiban" has still been held every dry season to plead for rain to God. The whip is made of several twisted sugar palm leaf ribs. This game is led by "landang" (referee). A "Landang" is a wise person who master the rule of the game. This game is accompanied with "pelog" (seven tone gamelan scate) and "genadang" (small drum covered with leather at each end) played in dynamic rhythm which make the dancers more energic and antusiastic.

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Penehan Island – Trenggalek

Panehan Island Penehan island is one of the outer islands in Indonesia that located in Hindia Ocean and has bordered with Autralia. This island is administratively part of Trenggalek regency, East Java. This island is located in the south side of Panggul, Trenggalek. To reach this island is first have to start from Trenggalek City to PPn Prigi in Prigi Village, Watulimo subdistrict for about 2,5 hours drive by public transportation. From PPn Prigi it continues to Sekel island by fisherman boat and then to Penehan island. www.indonesia-tourism.com

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