Trenggalek has some mountain that very ideal for having climbing, such as; Mount Sepikul in Watuagung village, Watulimo district and Mount Linggo in Nglebo village, Suruh district. That mount often used as climbing exercise of nature lovers from many colleges, nature lovers club from abroad (national and international) and Indonesia National Army. If you one of nature adventurer, try to visit those mountain to having climbing and enjoy the scenery around.

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Penehan Island – Trenggalek

Panehan Island Penehan island is one of the outer islands in Indonesia that located in Hindia Ocean and has bordered with Autralia. This island is administratively part of Trenggalek regency, East Java. This island is located in the south side of Panggul, Trenggalek. To reach this island is first have to start from Trenggalek City to PPn Prigi in Prigi Village, Watulimo subdistrict for about 2,5 hours drive by public transportation. From PPn Prigi it continues to Sekel island by fisherman boat and then to Penehan island.

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