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Batik Tulis Trenggalek
This kind of traditional craft is considered as woman work from generation to generation. Industrial area of this craft industry is located in Sumbergedong district, Trenggalek, covering 1,362 units of commercial, by the total production capacity of 794,804 m. Its particularity is well known up to outside of Java.

Bamboo Plaiting Craft
This kind of handicraft has already been exported to United States by the total export of 414 units and contributed annual income Rp 93,150.000.00,-

Black Marble Craft
Trenggalek has many kinds of mineral product, one of the products is black marble which has its high quality like Italian kind. The youth organization of Nglembeng village, Panggul district make kinds of souvenirs such as pots, statues, amulet from this black marble, and so for the grave stone of the first President of Indonesia, Bung Karno.

Embroidery Craft From Kamolan
This kind of handicraft has a very high art value and it is considerably as the mothers works. The central industry is located in a village named Kamolan, Durenan district. The products have been exported to the middle East countries and Brunai Darussalam.

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Penehan Island – Trenggalek

Panehan Island Penehan island is one of the outer islands in Indonesia that located in Hindia Ocean and has bordered with Autralia. This island is administratively part of Trenggalek regency, East Java. This island is located in the south side of Panggul, Trenggalek. To reach this island is first have to start from Trenggalek City to PPn Prigi in Prigi Village, Watulimo subdistrict for about 2,5 hours drive by public transportation. From PPn Prigi it continues to Sekel island by fisherman boat and then to Penehan island.

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