Juanda International Airport

Juanda International Airport, ia the international airport that serves Surabaya city, East Java and its surroundings. Juanda has length basis 3000 meters. This airport actually located in Sidoarjo region, 20 km south side of Surabaya city. Juanda International Airport operated by PT Angkasa Pura 1 (Persero).

PT (PERSERO) I is one of body State owned Enterprises (BUMN) of Communication Department, which active in management and enterprising of airport service in Indonesia. The company mission is to carrying out the management of airport exploiting and its surroundings well and innovative.

The new Juanda Airport has 51500 M2 widths, or about twofold compared to stripper terminal which only 28088 M2. This new airport is also equipped with farm facility to park with a width of 28900 M2 capable to accommodate more than 3000 vehicles. This airport is estimated can accommodate 6 million to 8 million passengers per year and 120000 tons cargo / year.

Every day air transport activity through Juanda Airport is noted of 320 times air transport of international purpose and domestic with passenger more than ten thousand, air transport majority of akarta purpose.

The airport building is enough luxury and wide earns parallel with Public Square. The door interfacing to space boarding, which have been equipped with counters air of transport firm. The second floor is awaiting passenger space. Its glass wall has faced to basis racing and way cab (the plane road towards base raced). The passenger can see the going and coming of the plane, and also that park in apron.

As in Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the passenger is not necessarily go up bus towards door of plane. It is available 11 trunks (garbarata) that become the bridge towards the plane entrance. The wide screen is put down in some corners. From this Flight Information Display System (FIDS) facility, the passenger can see the arrival schedule and also the plane departure.

By this supply of international standard like domestic passenger waiting room (14 M2/orang) and the international (20 M2/orang). As a whole, the airport can serve 6 million passengers and 120000 cargo tons every year.

This airport is also equipped with 4 tanks for fuel supply, with capacities 2000 kilolitre. All development funds are assisted by government of Japan through the program Official Development Assistance from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

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